The Unsung Heroes Behind Every Successful Business: The Executive Assistant

The benefits of an Executive Assistant are becoming a necessity to successful Business Owners, Managers and Executives, and here are the reasons why:

With today’s fast paced environment, and the high demands placed on businesses, an Executive cannot always make it on their own and that is not an insult. It is a reality. The bigger the goals the Executives have, the greater the assistance they require in order to accomplish them. Executive Assistants provide the foundation required to realizing these goals.

The Executive Assistant and even the Office Assistant role has evolved from the times where they used to only prepare coffee, schedule meetings and take clothes to the dry cleaners. Now, an Executive Assistant is more of your own devoted, private resource who is there to make you more efficient, more effective, more productive and to bring balance to your life. They act as your business partner, managing all the day-to-day affairs of your office and in return allowing you to focus on the essential business of growing the company and making it more profitable. They are there to provide direct support to you.  They are facilitators, ensuring the smooth flow of information to you and from you, preventing bottlenecks and keeping anything that will not enhance your productivity away from you.

Some companies think that it will be best for Executives not to have assistants so that they can cut costs but with everything mentioned above, will you be able to concentrate on your sole purpose, which is growing the company and making it more profitable, while you need to run around and manage day-to-day affairs of your office? The simple answer is no. An executive assistant not only plays the role of a confidant, problem solver, sounding board, detective and diplomatic person but they are also someone who will tell you the truth when everyone else is running for cover. They are your “eyes and ears” within the organisation and they constantly gather intelligence for you.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success” Henry Ford.

How an Executive Assistant will benefit your company:

First impressions last. It only takes 7 seconds for someone to generate a first impression. You can achieve a great first impression by having a friendly face, who understands the ins and outs of your business, to greet all your visitors and to assist in building a positive business brand. An Assistant will not only become a recognizable person to your company but will also make clients and suppliers feel welcome every time they step through the door.

The Executive Assistant will become the central hub of all communication, they will provide you with information from clients and suppliers as well as ensure that correct information is passed throughout the office.

Having a good Executive Assistant means that they will understand the unspoken needs and unique characteristics of the Manager or Executive. An Executive Assistant will quickly learn what the Manager or Executive needs, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what triggers their stress or even anger and how to accommodate the Manager’s or Executive’s working style.

Instead of cutting back on hiring Executive Assistants, companies can improve productivity and efficiency by equipping more managers and executives with this kind of partnership. Executive–Assistant relationships are business partnerships and these strong relationships provide a win-win situation for smart individuals. 1 In fact, when providing an executive or a manager with an assistant these relationships provide win-win-win situations because ultimately the companies reap the benefits.²

The bottom line is for Managers and Executives to be successful, a dedicated, competent, positive and organised Assistant will make them productive and their business with grow as they will be able to spend time on the sole purpose of their job as the cost of not having an Executive Assistant can be incalculable.

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.  The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” – Author Unknown

Article written by Bianca Pearson