What Makes a Great Assistant? O. C. D

Anyone can be an Assistant, right? It’s not that easy, not everyone succeeds. It requires many things – patience, approachability & reliability to name a few. Aside from this though, there are 3 important traits a great Assistant needs to have:

O for Organized: Let’s face it, you’re either organized or you’re not. It’s something every good Assistant needs to be, but not everyone can master it. Being organized is a way of life. Some people are consistently late to work – why don’t they leave home earlier? Some people don’t know how to prioritize tasks – why don’t they write a list? The organization of an Assistant doesn’t always come naturally, but the answer to disorganization is often an easy one.

C for Communication: Effective communication is imperative as an Assistant. You need to be able to communicate well over the phone, in writing, and in person. It is crucial to completing a task accurately and, of course, on time.  Quite often an Assistant is the link between key personnel, so communicating details correctly, and with people on all levels, is important.

D for Decisiveness: Quite often things are thrown at Assistants with little to no direction. The ability to make decisions with limited information can be daunting, but through failure, you will quickly learn how someone likes things to be done. A little trial and error will lead to great decision making!

Article by The Assistant’s Account