Keep Accounts Safe with These 4 Password Protection Sites

As a trusted VA, you know keeping your client’s accounts secure is a top priority. Use these 4 tools to help you keep all your accounts safe – from sharing, to creating passwords and preventing viruses:

  • Dashlane – keeps track of client passwords and automatically logs you in to websites, so essentially you never need to track your client passwords again, knowing they’re secure. As well as passwords, clients’ will be able to save sensitive information such as credit cards and receipts in a ‘digital wallet’, and everything is encrypted with a secure key for their peace of mind. It is free, or there is a premium version which allows syncing between devices.
  • Last Pass – Similar to Dashlane, LastPass can save you and your clients’ time and keep their passwords safe. It uses leading encryption technology to store passwords, and fills everything in for you when you go to a website. Accessing an account shared with your client, you can access websites ‘as them’, and their passwords will be filled in automatically without you needing to do anything. It’s a great option to suggest to clients’ if they’re concerned about sharing passwords and sensitive information. It’s free to use, but there is a premium version too that allows a few more features.
  • HighTail – If you have a client who regularly works with very large and important files, Hightail could be useful, especially if the files surpass your Dropbox storage limit. Very large files up to 10GB can be sent securely and you can control exactly who it is going to and who can see it. Project folders can be shared with clients and you have full control over who can edit and update. Everything is protected with passwords, identity verification and additional security features. Plans start at free for up to 2GB of storage and go upwards depending on your needs.
  • AdBlock Plus – Everyone will have experienced those pop up ads when you’re browsing the web before – they’re irritating! Not only this, while some are harmless, some aren’t good for security as they can place tracking devices on your computer which can look out for things such as unprotected passwords. If you want to get rid of them altogether, use Adblock Plus. It is a browser extension that works in the background to block adverts, and can work around an exception list if you don’t want specific things blocking. It is free to use.

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