10 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

We no longer live in a time where the only solution to get the business support you need, is to hire a full- or part-time employee.


Because half the time that ‘dedicated’ employee would be nattering on the phone, checking Facebook, or loitering by the coffee machine.

And you wouldn’t be getting value for money.

Now there are Virtual Assistants (VA’s) to provide business support services to hard-working business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Don’t have the time or inclination to do certain tasks?
  • Don’t have capacity to learn new skills?
  • Don’t feel like you’re following up on leads and pushing your business forward?

Hire a Virtual Assistant who is dedicated to the role, and outsource.

Whether you’re a start-up business or an established one looking to expand, outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant frees up your time – allowing you to focus on starting up or expanding.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and sole traders can hire a Virtual Assistant to do almost any task. From organising emails and responding to customers, to managing websites and content marketing.

So stop getting further and further behind your project plan. Stop getting bogged down with day-to-day tasks. Stop thinking you should be doing it all.

Here are 10 tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant today:

1. Website management

Whether you’ve already got a website or are in desperate need of getting one launched, a Virtual Assistant can handle it.

From initial setup to ongoing management, hand over your brief and your VA will take care of the rest.

A Virtual Assistant can provide template ideas, create page structure, suggest relevant plugins, liaise with and manage developers and designers, create content, source images, and so much more.

Managing a website is time consuming.

With regular updates required and new content to upload (to keep Google happy) hours can disappear in the blink of an eye.

2. Social media management

Social media can play a fundamental role for many businesses. It’s a way of generating new leads and retaining customer loyalty.

But as with website management, it can be incredibly time consuming.

Well, no longer – as it’s the perfect task to outsource to a Virtual Assistant regardless of whether your social media is in its infancy, or you’ve got fully functioning accounts.

Need to find out which social media networks your customers are hanging out on? Looking for relevant content to broadcast? Want more interaction?

Whatever your social media needs, a VA can organise and manage them.

3. Online research

Possibly the easiest task to outsource, and one that can take up a great deal of your time unnecessarily – internet research.

A Virtual Assistant can help with any number of research requirements:

  • Product research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Latest trends
  • Prospecting
  • Data gathering and more …

4. Blog management

Having a blog on your website is beneficial for a number of reasons, not least because it can help with SEO.

Google likes websites that are continually providing value to website users. And a blog is one way of meeting that.

But creating and publishing new content takes time.

And since it’s a task that requires commitment, outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant could be the best solution – ensuring it gets done without fail.

5. Project management

Many Virtual Assistants specialise in specific niches. One of those, for some, is project management which can prove invaluable to your business.

Liaising with internal or external teams is crucial to ensuring a projects success. But it can become all-encompassing at critical stages.

A Virtual Assistant can take over and manage the individuals or teams, ensuring deadlines are kept and budgets adhered to.

6. Presentation creation

Creating a professional presentation in Power Point or summarising data in a Word document can be a huge time-saver for business owners.

If you’re pitching an idea, presenting findings to shareholders, or proposing an opportunity, having a VA prepare the presentation on your behalf allows you to concentrate on the delivery, nothing else.

7. Proofreading and editing

Never rush publishing or printing another piece of marketing material with typos or lack of flow again.

Whether you need someone to simply cast their eyes over an article, add some formatting for online readability, or inject some personality and warmth, a specialised Virtual Assistant can ease the burden and ensure quality is maintained.

8. Event management

It’s stressful enough when presenting at an event or running a webinar, let alone having to manage it as well.

Whilst a Virtual Assistant can’t eliminate the stress entirely, they can assist you by managing it so that it runs smoothly allowing you time to create the content and rehearse.

9. Data entry

Entering customer details to a database or updating a list with potential new business opportunities – data entry is a task all VA’s can do.

Simply provide a clear brief of what you want, let them get on with it and never miss following up on loyalty or leads again.

10. Travel management

Another task that can incredibly time-consuming but so easy to outsource.

Looking for the cheapest flight or the easiest way to get from A-B? A Virtual Assistant can handle it – saving you time and probably money too.

Got a task that’s not on this list? There’s a VA who will be able to manage it.

Building or growing a business is hard work. Nobody expects you to go it alone. Hire a Virtual Assistant to outsource tasks to, freeing up your time to manage and grow your business.

You’ll only wish you did it sooner!

Article written by Virtual Miss Begley