Facebook Shortcuts To Help Save You Time

If you manage your own social media you will absolutely want to know what shortcuts are available in order to help save you time. My last article highlighted the best Twitter shortcuts, so today’s one provides Facebook shortcuts that you may not be aware of which should help to quicken up the process for you […]

Qualities Every Virtual Assistant Needs To Have

Setting up your own Virtual Assistant business may seems like hard work, but I’m sorry to tell you that it’s actually the easy part. Being a successful VA isn’t simply helping someone with their admin or supporting their business, it’s knowing how to manage and communicate with them. And sadly a lot of VAs seem […]

10 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

We no longer live in a time where the only solution to get the business support you need, is to hire a full- or part-time employee. Thankfully. Because half the time that ‘dedicated’ employee would be nattering on the phone, checking Facebook, or loitering by the coffee machine. And you wouldn’t be getting value for money. Now […]

Say no to the naysayers!

A while back I was talking to a woman who was thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant and wanted some advice. She said: “I’m confused as to what to do at the moment. Full time work is a safe option but the hours are too long for me now and I’m trying to run a part-time […]

15 Blunt Truths About What It Means To Be A Virtual Assistant

Because you don’t need any formal qualifications to become a Virtual Assistant, there’s often confusion and misunderstanding in the VA Handbookers Facebook group around what being one entails, and it’s sometimes described as being an ‘easy side gig’, I thought I’d explain what it actually means to be a Virtual Assistant. What it means to be a (good) […]

Are you an Ambitious Woman? Read this book…

The Ambitious Woman: What It Takes and Why You Want to Be One The Ambitious Woman illustrates how ambitious women embody characteristics such as inspiration, empowerment, and motivation to help others accomplish their goals, and create win-win relationships in all areas of life. When you think of the word ‘ambitious’, what comes to mind? Power […]