4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Brand Awareness

It’s no surprise that social media marketing is crucial to business growth in 2018. After all, we’re living in a digital world — one where there are 2.62 billion social media users worldwide, according to Statista. Coupled with reports that show 93 percent of marketers place a high value on social media as a business growth tool and more than … Continue Reading

7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Will Benefit Your Small Business

You’re probably already aware what a virtual assistant is. But just in case you’re not, in a nutshell a virtual assistant is someone who can provide you with business support, without costing you any additional overhead. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, working with a VA is a more cost-effective solution than employing someone in-house … Continue Reading

15 Blunt Truths About What It Means To Be A Virtual Assistant

Because you don’t need any formal qualifications to become a Virtual Assistant, there’s often confusion and misunderstanding in the VA Handbookers Facebook group around what being one entails, and it’s sometimes described as being an ‘easy side gig’, I thought I’d explain what it actually means to be a Virtual Assistant. What it means to be a (good) … Continue Reading