Why Charge More for Your Services

We’ve talked before about how to raise your business rates, and whilst daunting, it is something you should be doing year on year (until you realistically can’t raise them any further without a truly niche offering). But have you considered why you should charge more for your services? Yes, there’s the one or two obvious reasons – you haven’t had a decent […]

5 Qualities Every Successful Administrative Assistant Needs

Successful businesses rely heavily on top-notch administrative professionals. A shrewd administrative assistant is the wizard behind the company curtain, the one who keeps the office running efficiently. In addition, skilled office professionals are constantly on the lookout for innovations to benefit the company. The best administrative professionals aren’t just supporting players. They add value in […]

Now Hear This: 7 Ways to Boost Your Listening Skills

Listen up executive assistants and office professionals – in almost every aspect of your job, whether taking minutes, planning events, training staff or acting as your boss’s gatekeeper, listening skills are one of your most valuable assets. Many professionals forget about this crucial element of effective communication. But here are seven tips for mastering the […]

What Makes a Great Assistant? O. C. D

Anyone can be an Assistant, right? It’s not that easy, not everyone succeeds. It requires many things – patience, approachability & reliability to name a few. Aside from this though, there are 3 important traits a great Assistant needs to have: O for Organized: Let’s face it, you’re either organized or you’re not. It’s something every […]

Virtual Assistant Skills – unique to the industry!

Virtual Assistant Skills:  “I’ve been a PA for 26 years – I don’t need told how to write a document” – except this aspiring virtual assistant most definitely did need told, because she had just completed our virtual assistant skills spelling test and had spectacularly failed it leaving in misspelt words, inconsistent formatting and hadn’t known […]

The Best Password Managers for Your Small Business

The Best Password Managers for Your Small Business Most of us either use weak passwords or use the same password across multiple accounts. This makes us more susceptible to identity theft and other crimes. Perhaps we do this because we fear we won’t remember those super long unique passwords? Well, the secret to managing passwords […]

How to Reignite Your Enthusiasm for Work

At some point, in any professional’s career, there comes a time when enthusiasm wanes. It’s natural, after all. Even as an assistant, a role where “no two days are exactly alike,” the day-to-day operations can eventually become monotonous. When you feel a lack of enthusiasm for the work you do, it can really take a […]